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Vegetable-based wax is a type of wax of plant origin secreted commonly in thin flakes by the wales of epidermal cells. Vegetable-based wax is ideal for people who prefer organic substances because it is biodegradable, non-toxic, and extracted from vegetables.
There are many kinds of vegetable-based waxes. These include soybeans, carnauba, candelilla, and palm. And unlike the conventional wax that contains a lot of petroleum, all vegetable -based waxes burn clean with reduced smoke and soot buildup and no pollutants. They also hold the fragrance holder than petroleum-based waxes.
This makes it a suitable ingredient in making scented candles, crystalline candles, and crayons.
If you’re looking for a high-quality vegetable-based wax for your candle or crayon needs, you might want to avail of our vegetable-based wax. In Wills International Sales Corporation, we always ensure that our vegetable-based waxes are of high quality and safe for everyone without hurting your budget.

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