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Soap makers here in the Philippines have probably encountered the ‘soap base’ and its importance in making your bar of soap.
What is soap base, and how is it different from soap noodles?
Soap base (also known as the melt and pour soap) comprises fatty acids, glycerin, and other natural ingredients. The soap base is produced through the “saponification” process, which involves mixing fats and alkali (e.g., lye). The result of this process is allowed to cure for up to four weeks before it’s ready to use.
Soap base and soap noodles differ both in appearance and function. Soap noodles are produced by shredding soap bars and will not melt as quickly as the soap base. On the other hand, soap base has been formulated to melt and reform numerous times, hence the name ‘melt and pour soap, making it the easiest and quickest ingredient needed to make a high-quality, professional bar of soap.

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