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In the past, farmers rely on natural methods to fertilize their plants and crops. These natural fertilizers, along with enzyme-rich substances and organic matter, were used extensively and played a significant advantage in enriching the soil and ensuring its continued productivity. But because of the rising demand for food, biotechnology came into the picture, which is now applied to make use of microbes and enzymes to enhance properaties such as taste, aroma, shelf-life, texture, and nutritional value of food crops.
And due to chemical fertilizers having relatively higher prices than natural fertilizers, farmers have switched to using agricultural biologicals—particularly bio agri enzymes, which resulted in increased soil fertility and higher yield (especially when mixed with fertilizers). The use of bio agri enzymes could also be an effective alternative to reduce the amount of soil-applied fertilizers by as much as 50%, which reduces the overall production cost without giving up the economic yield.

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