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Alkanolamides are lipid derivatives with industrial applications as biosurfactants and biolubricants.
Alkanolamides have also been commonly and primarily employed as cost-effective foam boosters, foam stabilizers, and viscosity builders in liquid surfactant formulations where sound foam generation is needed and desired. Because of that, they are commonly found in some detergent products. Aside from that, alkanolamides are also found in household care, hair care, and toiletries.
In choosing an alkanolamide to mix with your product/s, it is essential to make sure that what you’re using will be safe, easy to handle, and delivers a desirable effect. For example, an alkanolamide has a foaming property. This property is particularly desirable to customers who purchase shampoos, body cleansers, bubble baths, and the like. If poor alkanolamide has been used on these products, it will only guarantee poor performance.
Rest assured because, at Wills International Sales Corporation, our alkanolamides are of high quality for an affordable price.

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