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Textured vegetable protein (also known as textured soy protein) is a meat substitute made from soybeans, though a related meat substitute may also be made from other ingredients. It’s a heavily refined food made by extracting or isolating the soy protein from other ingredients in whole soybeans. Until frying, defatted soy protein is compressed into granules or pellets and dried and rehydrated.
Texturized vegetable fat in the Philippines is a soy commodity that has been processed. It is also known as texturized vegetable protein, which is generally a more apt definition since it includes a soybean derivative rather than natural vegetables.
Texturized vegetable fat in the Philippines is commonly used as a meat substitute and a meat extender in some cases. Since it tastes like ground beef, it works well in spaghetti sauces, salsa, tacos, and even hamburgers.
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