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  • Crispioca
  • Elastitex 1
  • H-50
  • IF 131
  • National 7
  • National Frigex
  • National M1
  • National SI
  • Purity 1
  • Purity 77 HV
  • Purity Gum 40
  • Purity SM 100
  • Textaid P
  • Thickflo
  • Ultrasperse M
  • National 8991
  • Instant Textra
  • National 104
  • National 208
  • Purity 830

about the product

Tapioca has a neutral taste and a high gelling strength, making it a versatile thickening agent for sweet and savory dishes. Tapioca, unlike cornstarch, can survive freezing and thawing without losing its gel form or breaking down, making it an excellent thickener for ice cream.
Tapioca is most often associated with sweet puddings, but this gluten-free starch derived from the cassava root can be used to thicken both sweet and savory dishes.
Tapioca gives soups, sauces, and gravies body; it thickens more than Flour and other thickeners and is usually less expensive. Tapioca can be used as a binder and ingredient stabilizer in ground meat products like burger patties and chicken nuggets. Since it traps moisture in a gel, it’s commonly used to protect baked products from being soggy during storage.
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