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  • Fungamyl 4000 SG
  • Fungamyl Super MA
  • Fungamyl 800 L
  • Gluzyme 2X BG
  • Gluzyme Mono 10'000 BG
  • Lipopan 50 BG
  • Lipopan Max
  • Lipopan Xtra BG
  • Neutrase 1.5 MG
  • Noopazyme
  • Novamyl 10'000 BG
  • Novamyl 1500 BG
  • Novamyl 3D BG
  • by Novozymes
  • Panzea BG
  • Pentopan Mono BG
  • Sensea
  • Shapeit Wafer
  • Shapeit Biscuit
  • Novoshape
  • Pectinex Ultra Tropical
  • Amylase AG XXL
  • Celluclast 1.5 L
  • Saczyme Plus 1X
  • Termamyl 120 L
  • Termamyl SC
  • BAN 800 MG
  • Dextranase Plus L

about the product

Enzymes, which are forms of protein, are biochemical catalysts. They are in charge of all chemical reactions in the natural world.
When your body has to turn carbohydrates, such as starch in bread and pasta, into energy, enzymes are used to break them down into essential sugars that your cells can use. Enzymes are practical and specific, usually conducting just one reaction over and over. They work at mild pH and temperature conditions because they come from nature, allowing them feasible alternatives to chemical products in the food industry.
Enzymes are often used to help make these drinks more consumer-friendly. Plant-based drinks, such as oat or rice milk, may have low emulsion consistency, which means that products may disperse over time rather than remaining a stable mixture. Amylase and other enzymes can assist in product stabilization. Since starch hydrolysis results are sweeter than the starch itself, amylase, like lactase, can eliminate the need for added sugar.
If you need enzymes for food processing in the Philippines, then make sure to consult us here at Wills International Sales Corp. We are one of the leading enzymes (food processing) suppliers in the Philippines!

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