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Bakery Enzymes is a manufacturing aid that is branded as a clean label ingredient. Popular dough reinforcing emulsifiers, such as anionic surfactants DATEM and SSL, may be partly or entirely replaced by it. Lipase can also be used in place of crumb softeners like glyceryl monostearate (GMS).
Bakery Enzymes is a digestive enzyme that splits lipids down into monoglycerides, diglycerides, and free fatty acids. This boosts dough resistance, loaf length and allows for a decrease in shortening used. The chemical dough improvers DATEM and SSL can be replaced with some fresh lipase ingredients.
Bakery Enzymes needs precise working conditions and an appropriate amount of substrate to produce the dough or batter’s desired effect. Bakery Enzymes convert polar lipids into usable lysolipids with superior surface action, higher HLB content, and greater capacity to absorb at oil/water or gas/liquid interfaces, which is essential for dough strengthening and foam emulsification.
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