One Wills for All – Sponsorship Program

In our push for a greater and smarter tomorrow, the Wills International Sales Corp. has given twenty students scholarships to help them on their journey towards a better Philippines, through the power of education.

The Don Bosco Technical Institute – Makati helped us find students in need of support from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao that embodied these specific values:

Trustworthiness & integrity


Innovation and,


Our hearts were warmed by their life stories while our minds were brightened by their hope and drive, a drive for a better life for their families and a better Philippines. The students are all from diverse backgrounds ranging from the farms in Negros Occidental to the bustling city of Bacoor, Cavite. The students sought out a means, in spite of the odds, to find their way to better the lives of their families, and the company is fortunate to have encountered them during their journey.


The Wills International Sales Corporation’s strives for excellence can be reflected on the students as their academic excellence and drive to improve their lives, no matter the odds, became the basis for selection. In addition to the guidance of the Don Bosco Technical Institute – Makati, the company hopes that this would help present a tangible means to show these students that dreams can be achieved if one tries hard enough.

“We aim to invest in the future, as we do with our people, by giving them the necessary tools to push forward and improve.” is what Vice President Rey Marasigan, who had the privilege of meeting and greeting the candidates. “Perhaps one day, we will be blessed to see these students flourish in their lives. We will never know, we may even see some of them in our industry a few years from now.”

Given the competitiveness of today’s world, the power of education has become crucial to one’s future. Wills International Sales Corporation aims to continue growing the hearts and minds of the Philippine youth in the years to come, with a goal to become more involved and hands-on in the development of our communities. We extend our gratitude to Don Bosco Technical Institute – Makati for this opportunity to be part of the lives of these children, in their journey to pursue higher education.

As we reach for our dreams and grow, we look forward to better the lives of our families, friends, and countrymen. Join us as we journey on towards one Wills.

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