SGL Certificate

Wills International Sales Corporation is Awarded the Super Green Lane Certificate from the Bureau of Customs!

Wills International is now part of the limited 4% daily transaction of BOC via SGL. Having the SGL certificate would allow the importer the advance processing and clearance of shipments through electronic data interchange. This means that Wills can serve our customers at a more efficient rate as we can release our shipments from port faster than the standard lead time required by Customs.  Our customers can expect a more effective delivery system from Wills to meet the increasing delivery timeline demands from our market.

Not all importers are granted the Super Green Lane privileges. An importer has to undergo the strictest BOC audits, fulfillment of documents, and superb importation track record in order to be part of the elite and responsible SGL group of recipients.

Wills is proud that we have met and satisfied all requirements of BOC, to align our objectives to simplify and accelerate the customs’ clearance and administrative process and upgrade the service to the local manufacturers in the pursuit of continuous economic growth and success.

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