Wills International Sales Corp. Adopts Eagle Lourdes

Lourdes is in good condition based on her recent physical check-up. She is heavier by 650 grams compared to last year. Though Lourdes was not able to produce an egg this season, her keeper is bent on spending more time with her to increase the chances of egg production for the next season. Lourdes was recently transferred to an isolated area and could still be adjusting to the new environment. Eventually, she will be more familiar with her enclosure and become comfortable performing breeding.

We are looking forward to the coming breeding season when hopefully Lourdes will be able to produce a fertile egg. Her keeper is working doubly hard to make sure that Lourdes is well bonded with him to successfully breed.

As one of the captive-bred birds, Lourdes’ role is important in producing the next generation offspring to help augment the dwindling population of the Philippine Eagle.

Lourdes’s progress is made possible through the generosity and support of her adoptor Wills International Sales Corp.

Lourdes curiously looks at the camera as her keeper takes her photo                                                                      

PEF Volunteer Nico and Biologist Ron handle Lourdes while Dr. Anna Lascano inspects the bird’s wings


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