Everything You Need To Know About Alkanolamides


It’s hard to imagine people living without laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, shampoos, bath soaps, and other cleaning agents every day. These products are necessary for washing different things or parts of the body, so they are crucial for sanitation and disinfection purposes. They are marketed like they’re entirely unique from each other, but all of them typically work the same way. You soak them in water, make them produce bubbles, and use them for cleaning.

Those tiny bubbles, more commonly known as foam, are produced by different types of amides, and among the most common options are alkanolamides. Many companies who manufacture soaps and other cleaning solutions partner with us at Wills International Sales Corporation for the foaming solutions they need. We are your trusted alkanolamide supplier in the Philippines, so feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to purchase any of our products.

What Are Alkanolamides?

It’s not surprising for common people to be unaware of what alkanolamides are, but there’s a high chance that they use this chemical compound every day. This substance is present in different cleaning solutions, particularly thick liquids, like dishwashing soaps, laundry detergents, and shampoos.

The term alkanolamide is believed to have been coined in 1975, and it was derived from both “alkanol” and “amide.” Alkanols are a type of alcohol that contains alkanes, and some of the most popular examples are methanols and ethanols. Amides, on the other hand, are obtained from ammonia; hydrogen atoms are removed from the compound and are replaced by other elements.

In most cases, alkanolamides are produced by combining alkanolamines and some fatty acids. The quality and purity of the alkanolamide are typically determined by the amount and type of fatty acids applied in the process. For instance, using triglyceride (a compound with a lot of fatty acids) for the solution yields a glycerin-rich alkanolamide. This is ideal for reducing the viscosity of the final product.

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How Are Alkanolamides Typically Used?

Alkanolamides might not be recognized by a lot of people, but they are a pretty popular substance. They are used in some everyday products as surfactants or foaming agents. Here are a few goods that might contain alkanolamide:


Shampoo products produce a lot of bubbles when wet because it contains surfactants, which is sometimes made from alakanolamides. The foam produced in shampoos is effective in trapping dirt and oil on surfaces, so the hair is left clean once the bubbles are all rinsed off.

Aside from producing bubbles and foam, alkanolamides are added to control the viscosity of shampoos. The thickness of the liquid is usually affected by the quality of alkanolamide used in the production process.

Laundry Detergents

To save time when doing the laundry, people simply put some worn clothes into the washer and pour a significant amount of detergent into it. A 15- to 30-minute cycle produces a lot of bubbles, and it’s because of the alkanolamide ingredient used in laundry detergents. The suds produced when doing the laundry help remove dirt and excess oil from the surface of the clothes.

Bubble Bath Products

Soaking in a bathtub filled with bubbles helps people relax after a long day. Aside from its stress-relieving effect, bubble baths are also quite well-known for cleaning all parts of the body that are soaked in the tub. The thick and fine foam produced when pouring the solution into the water helps make the skin more slippery. As a result, all the oil, dirt, and dead cells on the surface of your skin are easily removed after rinsing your body with clean water.

Bubble bath products contain a significant amount of alkanolamides, which is a vital ingredient for surfactants. Without alkanolamides, the foam will not be produced.

Liquid Bath Soaps

Liquid bath soaps are popular because they help make the skin smoother and feel more rejuvenized. They contain a lot of ingredients that aid in moisturizing your epidermis and removing the dead cells on its surface. Like shampoos and bubble baths, liquid bath soaps also have a significant amount of alkanolamides, which are responsible for creating foam when washing the body.

Alkanolamides are also necessary to control the viscosity of liquid bath soaps. The overall texture of the solution is determined by the quality or purity of the surfactant and alkanolamide used when manufacturing the product.

Dishwashing Liquids

Washing the dishes can be a grueling chore, especially when there’s plenty of unclean plates, utensils, pots, and pans in the sink. Thankfully, dishwashing liquids today are effective not just in removing the visible dirt, but also in getting rid of excess grease on the surface of the dishes.

Dishwashing soaps produce a lot of bubbles, which trap dirt and grime in them. This happens because they contain surfactants with an adequate amount of alkanolamides.

Other Cleaning Products

A lot of other cleaning products have alkanolamides in them. This substance is essential in producing foam, which helps in easily removing dirt from various surfaces. When you purchase a new cleaning agent to be used at home or the office, try to read through the ingredients. There’s a high chance that different types of surfactants or alkanolamides are used in manufacturing the product.

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