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Potato starch is a fine white powder that comes from potatoes. It’s widely used in baked goods to thicken, gel, texturize, and improve crispiness, much like other starches. It’s also used in plain soups, confections, and fillings, among other things.
The most advantageous features of using potato starch in food systems are its high water-binding ability, low gelatinization temperatures, and propensity to shape relatively smooth, highly viscous pastes.
In specific uses, potato starch is favored over cornstarch and other starches because of the following characteristics:
    • Excellent film shaping capabilities and high accuracy in pasting and viscosity reduction when heated
    • High binding strength
    • Gelatinization temperature is low
    • Purity causes transparent pastes to form (only residual amounts of lipids and proteins)
    • Neutral flavor
    • Swelling is more significant than that in cereal starches
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