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  • Pollard (Hard/Soft)
  • Pollard (Hard/Soft)
  • Pollard (Hard/Soft)
  • Pollard (Hard/Soft)

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Animal nutrition is essential for animal health and safety and the production of healthy and high- quality animal-derived products. The rising demand for animal feed suppliers in the Philippines has resulted in increased livestock production, which is primarily focused on industrial animal feed.
Farm animals convert grain into high-value items like milk, beef, and eggs. Balanced feeding benefits livestock health, improves animal production economics, and improves nutrient use efficiency, reducing production’s environmental impact.
Vitamins and minerals found in animal feed are specifically intended to contain all of the essential foods that animals need for their bodies to perform correctly and their wellbeing to remain excellent. This not only protects them from pathogens but also improves the consistency of the goods they produce.
Are you looking for a reliable animal feed supplier in the Philippines? Then you’re on the right page! We at Wills International Sales Corp. are known as one of the leading global chain partners. Contact us now!

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